Hey guys! Wow I haven't posted or even visited the sims community in a LOONNGG time. Sorry about that. I have been super busy with school, I seriously only have time to study and do my homework. I am hoping to get back into the simming world as soon as I can. I miss you guys!
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But I Don't Want To Dance

Hello lovelies, I have three Peggy hairs, one is a conversion (requested by 6akalaka1), by someone I cannot for the life of me remember. I apologize for the lack of bodyshop pictures, yet again. Too lazy, too much schoo, trying tofind a job, so yeah. I am sure you get the idea of what they look like. ;) I probably will not do them anymore, takes time, for which I do not have right now. Anyways I hope you enjoy!
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WTF is wrong with my welcome wagon? Well a few of my sims came over to greet their new neighbors and Orrin (the male) attacked Neria (with the hat). It was random as hell, the moment I told Quinn (the one with the green) to greet all the neighbors, he attacked Neria. It went like this:

Eat my hand bitch!

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Let's Cook Something Poisonous

I made 10 recolors (total of 30) of Garden Breeze's Kitchen Deco Set Vol.I

All Colors

The meshes are included and all files have been compressorized. I made changes to the handles on the milk pan to a darker color and changed the rim on the light green milk pan to match the rest of it.

Credits: Garden Breeze
Photoshop (lulz)

ETA: The download link is fixed.